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Name:Veela appreciation community
Website:Home on LJ
Posting Access:Select Members, Moderated
Community description:Veelas are hot and we can prove it
Welcome to [community profile] do_me_veela, a community dedicated to veelas everywhere but especially in the Harry Potter fandom.

  • You must be 18+ to join. If this is not clear in your userinfo you won't be able to join. Also, if your LJ less than a month old and you have not posted anything in it, you will not be allowed to join.

  • No off-topic posts allowed.

  • Flaming will get you banned, the idea is for all to enjoy themselves so please be considerate.

  • Disclaimer

    All HP characters and concepts belong solely to
    JK Rowling and Warner Bros. This community and all participants intend no copyright infringement; the community is made solely for non-profit entertainment. All characters in sexual situations are 18+ unless explicitly stated otherwise.

    [personal profile] cyn_ful , [profile] darkladyvamp , [profile] kcstories , [personal profile] maab_connor , [profile] thesamanthahope , [personal profile] tmkline , [profile] winnett and [personal profile] mae_linda

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    The [community profile] do_me_veela layout is based on a theme by [personal profile] enamour from the community [profile] paintedlayouts. It has since been tinkered with by [profile] mon_ami_runa and [personal profile] tari_sue. Please address any layout problems to Sue, who probably won't be able to fix them :)

    Many thanks to [personal profile] dirty_darella for providing us with our fabulous Veela mood theme :D
    Happy Veela

    The Profile layout is by [profile] dillspond @ [profile] utatsuki
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